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About The Artsist


Jess "VeemonTamer" is the artist behind Vee Art Shops, a store by Vee Art Studios. She is an artist, gamer, and crafter native to the sunshine state best known for her "Island Style" works! Her passion for art and design goes way back to her childhood. Many video games of the 90s, comics, and animation are her inspiration. Joining the gaming community in 2015 jumpstarted her creative career.

A breakout performance in a 2015 Super Smash Bros esports tournament landed her a year sponsorship. Her sponsorship led to the audience needed to start her freelance art operation Vee Art Studios. Today, VeemonTamer travels to gaming tournaments as an Artist Alley exhibitor. As a way of paying it forward to the community she found her roots in, with funds set aside from art, she provides supplies like Wacom drawing tablets and sketchbooks for youth looking to become content creators.